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Clear All. Show More s. Sorry, your search yielded no results Text Search A text search looks for the entire text string. Progressive Refinement Be aware of the Progressive Refinement feature, where a search is only against the existing data set. Clinical Genetics 57, Rosenthal, N.

Transgenic Rat Model of Neurodegeneration Caused by Mutation in the TDP Gene

The mouse ascending: Perspectives for human-disease models. Nature Cell Biology 9, doi Wolfgang, M. Nonhuman primate transgenesis: Progress and prospects. Trends in Biotechnology 20, doi Yang, S.

Epub Transgenic And Mutant Tools To Model Brain Disorders

Towards a transgenic model of Huntington's disease in a non-human primate. Nature , doi Yu, Y. Mouse genomic technologies: Engineering chromosomal rearrangements in mice. Nature Reviews Genetics 2, doi Epigenetic Influences and Disease.

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  • Mutant and Transgenic Tools in Modeling Schizophrenia!

Birth Defects: Causes and Statistics. Birth Defects: Prevention and Treatment. Copy Number Variation and Genetic Disease.

Genetic Causes of Adult-Onset Disorders. Somatic Mosaicism and Chromosomal Disorders. Trisomy 21 Causes Down Syndrome. Genetic Origins of Microbial Virulence. Genetics of the Influenza Virus. Pathogenicity: Microbial Virulence. Complex Diseases: Research and Applications. Gene Interaction and Disease.

The Use of Animal Models in Studying Genetic Disease: Transgenesis and Induced Mutation

Gene Mapping and Disease. Multifactorial Inheritance and Genetic Disease. Polygenic Inheritance and Gene Mapping. Genomic Imprinting and Patterns of Disease Inheritance. Chromosome Abnormalities and Cancer Cytogenetics. Genes, Smoking, and Lung Cancer. Genetic Regulation of Cancer. Gleevec: the Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment.

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  • Mutant and Transgenic Tools in Modeling Schizophrenia;
  • Epub Transgenic And Mutant Tools To Model Brain Disorders.
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Human Chromosome Translocations and Cancer. Proto-oncogenes to Oncogenes to Cancer. Cytogenetic Methods in Diagnosing Genetic Disorders. Gene-Based Therapeutic Approaches. Personalized Medicine: Hope or Hype? You are more like a mouse than you might think! Today, scientists are creating models of human genetic disease using mice, flies, worms, and other animals. But what do these models reveal about us? Aa Aa Aa.

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Large-Scale Mutation Screens. Conditional Gene Modifications. Chromosomal Rearrangement. References and Recommended Reading Bedell, M.

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  5. Genes and Development 11, a ———. Genes and Development 11, b Hardouin, S. Clinical Genetics 57, Rosenthal, N. Article History Close.

    Keywords Keywords for this Article. Flag Inappropriate The Content is: Objectionable. Email your Friend. This content is currently under construction. Explore This Subject. Cutting-edge and concise, Transgenic and Mutant Tools to Model Brain Disorders offers a comprehensive and descriptive overview on a variety of topics in neuroscience and biological psychiatry. Written for: Basic and clinical neuroscientists, neurobiologists, molecular geneticists, biochemists, physiologists, clinical psychologists. Keywords: Biological psychiatry Genetic diseases Genetically modified animal models Human brain Knockout mice Pathogenesis.

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