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Transportation on Mackinac Island

You can also enjoy live musical entertainment on select evenings, seasonal bar specials, and Keno. There are specialty drinks available including many Michigan craft beers.

We also have a private room available to rent for private events. Tipping is expected at The Gate House. Watch the video below and learn more about the story of The Gate House from lead bartender, Jesse Bader. Make sure to follow The Gate House on Facebook for updates and special events. Skip to Main Content.

Transportation on Mackinac Island

Check Availability. Home Dining.

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Join us for a special day devoted to bringing the healing power of Attunement to the world. Together we will radiate the transforming energy of Love to open hearts and minds throughout the awakening.

Gate House Rooms

The Intelligence of Universal Design in Your Own Hands The practice of Attunement opens the seven spiritual gateways of Love allowing the power of divine intelligence to flow through us into the. Primal Spirituality is connecting to our source and embracing our destiny. Primal Spirituality Courses assist. Experience personal transformation and healing through the power of Healing Chant.

We will bring healing to our world through the gifts brought by the radiant energy of our spirit activated voices,. Attunement is a way of Being and spiritual practice — bringing the healing power of Love to the. It is a Way of Being, a spiritual practice and a. A deeply felt experience of the power of.

Join us for a special day devoted to bringing the healing power of Attunement to our world. We will be guided to share the transformative energy of Love to bring a compelling positive impact to the. Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Let Go Let go, let go.

The Gate House | Oakamoor | Peak District | Self Catering Holiday Cottage

Let go all. Return, return. No need. Now Deep Peace Deep.

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Have you ever woken from a dream, compelled by the depth of emotion you felt, clearly remembering parts of the dream and intent on taking full advantage of the compulsion? Better still have you ever. Alex is a compelling Specialised Kinesiology.

What We Do?

Attunement as a way of Being and a consciousness practice welcomes the Presence and energy of Love to flood our physical, emotional and mental levels of being, bringing our capacities into alignment. Over the last couple of weeks, many of us here at Sunrise Ranch have been exploring the deeper meaning of the virtue of courage. For those of us who have an interest in making a difference in the.

Just a few days ago, we convened a very special gathering of Attunement practitioners at the Gate House Spiritual Centre here in Cape Town. The intention for this time was to deepen our experience. Please indicate and include your desired date and time frame when booking our venue, and one of us will contact you at our earliest convenience.