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Key scenes could be seen from two main vantage points A and B in the graphic.

A History Lesson: Playmobil Roman Auxiliary Cavalry

Most of the Dacians are dressed in trousers, tunics, and cloaks, while the Sarmatians, allies of the Dacians, are shown in armor. To reveal more of the warriors, sculptors scaled down some of the shields and cut away Roman helmets. Dacian helmets appear on the pedestal and column, but only as spoils of war, never on warriors. Graphics: Fernando G. Baptista, Daniela Santamarina, and Emily M. Eng, NGM Staff. Photos: Kenneth Garrett. Sources: Jon Coulston, University of St. A Roman soldier uses his teeth to carry a severed Dacian head by its hair. Small metal weapons were inserted into the hands of some figures on the frieze.

Jupiter, king of the gods, hurls a thunderbolt to help the Romans.

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Breakdown of Activity by length of scene. Romans vs. Dacians Most of the Dacians are dressed in trousers, tunics, and cloaks, while the Sarmatians, allies of the Dacians, are shown in armor. Citizen soldier.

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Gladiator Spearmen. Spear Gladiatrices. Auxiliary Sabaean Cavalry. Auxiliary Camel Spearmen. Auxiliary Arabian Cavalry. Auxiliary Bactrian Light Horse. Auxiliary Briton Scout Riders. Auxiliary Cavalry. Auxiliary Celtic Light Horse. Auxiliary Spear Horsemen. Auxiliary Cappadocian Cavalry.

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Auxiliary Gallic Light Horse. Auxiliary Noble Horse. Auxiliary Citizen Cavalry. Auxiliary Iberian Cavalry. Auxiliary Scutarii Cavalry.

Eqvites Thracvm (Thracian Auxiliary Cavalry)

Auxiliary Illyrian Cavalry. Socii Equites. Legionary Cavalry. Praetorian Cavalry.

Auxiliary Camel Archers. Auxiliary Horse Skirmishers. Auxiliary Germanic Scout Riders. Auxiliary Tarantine Cavalry. Auxiliary Cantabrian Cavalry. Auxiliary Numidian Cavalry. Auxiliary Parthian Horse Archers. Auxiliary Sarmatian Horse Archers. Auxiliary Armoured Horse Archers. Auxiliary Scythian Horse Archers.

Auxiliary Thracian Cavalry. Socii Equites Extraordinarii.

Auxiliary Persian Cavalry. Auxiliary Armoured Lancers. Auxiliary Sarmatian Lancers. Auxiliary African Elephants. Auxiliary Indian War Elephants.

Roman Auxiliary Cavalryman: AD 14–193

Roman Giant Ballista. Roman Polybolos. Roman Bastion Scorpion. Roman Scorpion Fixed. Roman Bastion Ballista. Roman Ballista. Roman Beehive Onager. Roman Scorpion.

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Roman Heavy Onager. Roman Bastion Onager. Roman Onager. War Dogs. Tower Hexareme - Evocati Cohort. Assault Quadrireme - Legionaries. Assault Quadrireme - Legionary Cohort. Assault Quadrireme - Principes. Tower Hexareme - Triarii.

Tower Hexareme - Veteran Legionaries. Assault Bireme - Auxiliary Sabaean Spearmen. Assault Bireme - Auxiliary Arabian Spearmen. Assault Bireme - Auxiliary Bactrian Hillmen. Assault Bireme - Auxiliary Spear Band. Assault Bireme - Auxiliary Axe Warriors. Assault Bireme - Auxiliary Celtic Warriors. Assault Bireme - Auxiliary Dacian Spears. Assault Bireme - Auxiliary Hillmen.