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What does Wireshark do?

Cable Tester A cable tester can help you verify that your cable is wired correctly or to troubleshoot suspected faulty cables, allowing you to identify short or open cables.

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Fluke Networks is a great resource for high quality cable testing and diagnostic hardware. Toner Probe Need to find the other end of a cable? This excellent troubleshooting tool can also be used to identify cable continuity because a short or open cable will not complete the circuit and produce the tone. Environmental monitor Your environmental monitor will log the conditions temp and humidity of the room in which your sensitive network equipment resides.

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals: 04 Monitoring and Troubleshooting Servers

Tracking these logs can also assist you in ferreting out potential environmental causes of problems like random reboots or overheated systems. Loop back plug Want to test your data ports and NIC jacks? A loop back plug can help you verify that data is flowing properly on that port, both sending and receiving. Multimeter Your multimeter can help you with continuity checks, measuring voltages, amperage, and resistance. No beep?

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Both are invaluable in troubleshooting breaks and even more minor disruptions in the electrical flow of your cables. OTDR works on fiber optic cables. Send in the sniffer. Protect your network by analyzing traffic, troubleshooting problems or suspicious activity using a protocol analyzer. While many folks view a hardware-based protocol analyzer solution as superior to software solutions, the cost difference and network priorities of your organization may make a software solution a better choice for you.

Top 10 free open source tools for network admins | InfoWorld

Bandwidth Monitor Monitor the average BPS and utilization percentage of interfaces, identifying traffic bottlenecks in a switch or router in real-time with this vital bandwidth tool. Presented in an easy-to-understand graphical format. Network Monitor Continuously monitoring device response time, your network monitor alerts you via email, reporting node status and prioritizing severity. Ipswitch creates industry leading tools to visualize and monitor your network.

Top 7 Network Troubleshooting Tools

Port Scanner Track down unknown or unwanted services running on your system using a port scanner to scan for port status, associating ports with known services. Their paid website monitoring is great, but they also offer an excellent and free DNS health check. Find out if you qualify at forbestech Opinions expressed are those of the author. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

source It isn't very pleasing, but performance is imperative as traffic increases. Identifying and fixing requests that take a long time to complete is an important step in optimizing a site. Best of all, it's free! We use Dig to "dig up" information on load balancers, especially being hosted under Amazon.

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From there we know what temporary IPs are associated with that specific domain and even the answer to if the load balancer is working correctly. Whether you're testing backbones infrastructure or multi-point wireless, iPerf gives you real-world statistics on what your users will experience while using the network. Do I qualify?

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