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Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. Engineering Fluid Mechanics. What Is A Liquid? Age Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow. Mass Transport in Solids and Fluids.

Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications. Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems. Introduction to Mathematical Fluid Dynamics. Schaum's Outline of Fluid Mechanics. Applied Fluid Mechanics 5th Edition. Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow. Christopher E.


Mechanics of Fluids SI Version. A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics. Thermodynamics: Fundamentals and Engineering Applications. Measurement in Fluid Mechanics.

Fluid Statics 3. The Principles Governing Fluids in Motion 4.

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The Momentum Equation 5. Physical Similarity and Dimensional Analysis 6. Laminar Flow between Solid Boundaries 7. Flow and Losses in Pipes and Fittings 8. Boundary Layers, Wakes and other Shear Layers 9. The flow of an Inviscid Fluid Flow with a Free Surface Compressible Flow of Gases Unsteady Flow Fluid Machines. Book News. Find more by Author Ward-Smith, A. Due to element weight, the pressure along the lower and right sides must vary linearly as shown, to a higher value at point C.

Vertical forces are presumably in balance with element weight included. But horizontal forces are out of balance, with the unbalanced force being to the left, due to the shaded excess-pressure triangle on the right side BC. Thus hydrostatic pressures cannot keep the element in balance, and shear and flow result.

Therefore, is sand a fluid?

But they are not true fluids, because they can support a small shear stress without flowing. They may rest at a finite angle without flowing, which is not possible for liquids see Prob. The maximum such angle, above which sand begins to flow, is called the angle of repose. A familiar example is sugar, which pours easily but forms a significant angle of repose on a heaping spoonful. The physics of granular materials are complicated by effects such as particle cohesion, clumping, vibration, and size segregation. See Ref. Is air rarefied at this condition? The formula is therefore dimensionally homogeneous and should hold for any unit system.

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From Table A-2, its viscosity is 1. This is quite small. Solution: From Table 1. Solution: a 2. Then 4. Now we have reduced the problem to:. The correct dimensionally homogeneous beam bending formula is thus:.

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The formula admits to an arbitrary dimensionless constant C whose value can only be obtained from known data. Substitute the given data into the proposed formula:.

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The liquid weight is found to be ounces. Solution: First find the volume of the liquid in m From Appendix Table A. Is the formula homogeneous? Therefore the StokesOseen formula derived in fact from a theory is dimensionally homogeneous. When working with kinetic energy relations, it is more appropriate to express cp as a velocity-squared per absolute degree.

Give the numerical value, in this form, of cp for air in a SI units, and b BG units.

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  • Thus the conversions are:. What are the dimensions of B?

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    Solution: Using Table , write this equation in dimensional form:. The parameter B must have dimensions of inverse length. In fact, B is not a constant, it hides one of the variables in pipe flow. The proper form of the pipe flow relation is. Then convert everything to consistent units, for example, BG:. What is the only possible dimensionally homo-geneous relation for this flow rate? Thus the final desired homogeneous relation for dam flow is:. Solution: This is a problem in dimensional analysis, covered in detail in Chapter 5.

    Use the symbols for dimensions suggested with Eq. We see that we can cancel mass by dividing density by pressure:. Thus this dimensionless group has a value of approximately 1. Solution: This equation, like all theoretical partial differential equations in mechanics, is dimensionally homogeneous. Can this equation be used with confidence for a variety of liquids and gases? The constant Clearly, the formula is extremely inconsistent and cannot be used with confidence for any given fluid or condition or units. Actually, the Hazen-Williams formula, still in common use in the watersupply industry, is valid only for water flow in smooth pipes larger than 2-in.

    Solution: Set up and solve the differential equation for forces in the x-direction: V.