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Inequality in old age cognition across the world.

Subcription rates. The focus of this paper is the intersection of age and class, and the conceptual problems that emerge when thinking simultaneously of age and class relations. Previous efforts to frame age relations within the context of class stratification have been incomplete due to a failure to grasp the underlying continuity in the inequality produced by age and class location.


Inequality is common to both age and class stratification as both age strata and social classes differ in their possession of valued resources and access to the means of acquiring these resources. Old people, for example, are disadvantaged in intergenerational relations because of their exclusion from labor markets.

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Aging brings with it a decline in other power resources, thus further eroding the probability that cross-age social interaction will benefit each partner equally. Forgot your password?

America's elderly experiencing some of the worst inequality in the developed world

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    Inequality and Old Age

    Results are robust to a variety of alternative explanations and persist even after controlling for gender-related biases in survival rates. Furthermore, we find evidence that unequal opportunities for education -captured by differences in parental background and gender- also have significant effects on inequality of old age cognition.

    Inequality in old age cognition across the world. Luxemburgish public research institute specialised in the field of the social and economic sciences, Read more. Find an employee Site map.

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