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DSL - ADSL Fundamentals

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Fundamentals of DSL Technology - CRC Press Book

In the table, ADSL is stated as limited to 6. These are in my made Actiontec PK from Qwest.

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Please add! Thank you, TechTarget authors, for providing such a precise and accurate explanation. Brilliantly written. Search Security computer worm A computer worm is a type of malicious software program whose primary function is to infect other computers while remaining It is based on extensive patent-pending behavioral research at Harvard University and is used by a growing number of faculty and students at different universities.

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DSL has gone through several major changes in recent years, constantly updating in order to compete with technologies like cable and fiber that offer overall faster download and upload speeds.

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Most customers have access to at least two broadband technology options. Cable and fiber are common alternatives to DSL. You can check the specific options in your neighborhood using this zip code coverage tool:.

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As with most budget Internet options, you may also find that speeds slow down when broadcast over Wi-Fi in your house, and that it may be preferable to hardwire PCs, gaming consoles, and other bandwidth-intensive devices that could benefit from a direct ethernet connection to the router rather than the convenience of Wi-Fi. Around 2—3 miles, the speed can be expected to slow down considerably and you may encounter issues with packet loss.

Beyond 3 miles, customers would start to have problems. Generally, DSL providers will simply promise that they can deliver speeds in the neighborhood of those advertised, and that customers who live too far away from them to get reliable speeds will simply not be serviced.

Fundamentals of DSL technology

In some cases, upgrading your modem and router can improve your connection speed since older devices are not able to support the most recent speed upgrades from your provider. Wiring some of your devices such as PCs or gaming consoles directly to the router using ethernet is another common and helpful solution. Particularly if you have a large residence with multiple devices crowded onto a single Internet connection, using the LAN ports on the back of your router to connect ethernet to some devices will likely save you a few Mbps and shave some milliseconds off your ping.