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A Design and Implementation Method for Embedded Systems Using Communicating Sequential Processes with an Event-Driven and Multi-Thread Processor Abstract: Recently, because embedded systems that play important roles in cyber worlds involve complexly intertwined functions, it becomes difficult to develop them using conventional technologies. In this paper, a new method is introduced for designing and implementing embedded systems.

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The design phase uses an agent system, a state transition diagram, and communicating sequential process models by descending from an abstract and general level to a more concrete and specific level. The implementation phase uses an event-driven and multi-thread processor and a C-like language with enhanced processes communication channels.

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A radio-controlled car operated using a tablet is developed using the proposed design and implementation method. The development time and cost is considerably reduced. About this book Embedded systems become more and more complex and require having some knowledge in various disciplines such as electronics, data processing, telecommunications and networks.

Without detailing all the aspects related to the design of embedded systems, this book, which was written by specialists in electronics, data processing and telecommunications and networks, gives an interesting point of view of communication techniques and problems in embedded systems. This choice is easily justified by the fact that embedded systems are today massively communicating and that telecommunications and networks constitute the main sector of embedded systems.

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